#PSA: Digital Advertising is Crucial for B2B Companies

Learn the Benefits of Digital Advertising and How it Can Help Grow Your Business


It’s the year 2020. You’re the founder of a new facial recognition security solution and you are brainstorming with your team about how to generate sales in an overly saturated market. You have a killer website with clever and informative blog content, your team posts frequently on social media channels, and chit-chats with the community like it’s Sunday brunch. But alas, you’re still not meeting your sales goals and the lights are flickering. Enter, a digital advertising strategy.

Digital advertising is a tactic used to drive awareness and education of a product or service with the ultimate goal of generating sales. This is done by dispensing marketing materials across different channels, including paid social media, SEM, SEO, display, email marketing, affiliate, and more. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a digital advertising strategy and why it’s the best weapon in your marketing arsenal. 

“I’d Like to Thank My Fans…”

One of the best benefits businesses can gain from a digital marketing strategy is the right audience. Online advertising allows companies to seek out and narrow down a customer base, by building buyer personas across different channels. Building buyer personas for your campaigns is crucial because it helps target only those people that would be interested in the company, product, or service. The personas are built and based on the information users put online and overtime, buyer personas become more established allowing for more pointed campaigns and direct sales.

Cost is in the Eyes of the Beholder

While traditional advertising tactics such as billboards, TV, and radio ads have seemed to stand the test of time, they can be very costly without much ROI. The beauty of digital advertising is that it can cost as much or as little as you’d like. Does the company have $1K to spend on promoting the latest software upgrade or $3M to spend on a full-blown lead generation campaign? When advertising online, cost-control is in the hands of the company, along with the ability to start and stop campaigns at any time.

Testing, Testing

Having the ability to control when campaigns begin and end is just one of the many ways that companies can benefit from digital advertising. Every campaign online is an experiment to discover what your audience likes and dislikes. Does the ad copy explain the product or service accurately? If there’s an associated image, does it make sense with the ad copy and accurately portray the brand? Every channel offers backend data such as clicks, impressions, page views, search volume, leads generated, etc. By examining data and optimizing campaigns according to how the audience is responding, it will ultimately lead to a more qualified audience, which brings us to my final point. 

Two Words. Customer Loyalty.

Truth be told, while B2C companies benefit greatly from immediate sales when it comes to strategy for B2B companies, campaigns can take a bit more time but yield excellent results. With B2B strategies, you’re able to catch buyers at the beginning of their journey and nurture them through brand awareness and education over time. This process helps inform the buyer before they make a purchase decision, which results in long-term customer loyalty vs. a one-time transaction.

For B2B companies, digital advertising is one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tools that can be used to gain new and loyal customers, leading to long term sales and company growth. Whether the company is an SMB or a large enterprise, there are millions of people online seeking your exact product or service, and with a digital advertising strategy, your ability to find those untapped sales just increased exponentially.

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Blog Written by Haley Cook, Digital Marketing Manager