Ultimate List of Food Holidays for Your Content Calendar

No matter your taste, there’s a food holiday for you.

With over 300 national food holidays, every brand can participate in this veritable content feast. From Avocado Day to Champagne Day, there’s a celebration for everyone. Plus, with hashtags like #NationalPizzaDay driving over 221K posts on Instagram alone, it’s easy to see why tapping into these social media-friendly parties is a great opportunity to both reach new audiences and connect with existing ones.

How to Get Involved

For restaurants, grocers, and other food-centric businesses, relevant food holidays are a natural source of content. Drive foot traffic by offering a special on the celebrated dish for one day only. Test the effectiveness of digital campaigns by offering a discount through your social channels and tracking its use throughout the day. Or, use the holiday as an opportunity to drive content creation from your visitors and customers with a branded hashtag.

Plus, even non-foodie brands can get in on the game. No audience will be confused if Subaru promotes National Eat Outside Day or AirBNB shares about National Margarita Day (hello, tropical getaway!). For several years, PetSmart has joined in on National Ice Cream Day, offering free doggie cones to its furry patrons and enjoying a wealth of adorable photos.

At PetSmart’s Doggie Ice Cream Social in New York’s Washington Square Park, dogs and their pet parents enjoy ice cream together on Thursday, July 14, 2016, to celebrate the upcoming National Ice Cream Day holiday. PetSmart is showcasing its hospitality with free Doggie Ice Cream Socials to highlight its Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes offered every day as a special add-on service for any pet stay at its PetsHotels. In addition to the PetSmart event in New York, all PetSmart PetsHotel locations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will be passing out free Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes on National Ice Cream Day – this Sunday July 17. (Jason DeCrow /AP Images for PetSmart, Inc.)

Source: Business Wire

However, make sure to only choose holidays that are genuinely relevant to your brand – you don’t want to be posting on every holiday regardless of its theme. Being selective means that when you do post for a holiday, it will feel special and garner more audience attention.

The Foodie Holiday Menu

To add your own plate to the potluck, check out some of our favorite foodie holidays for 2022!


  • January 5, National Keto Day
  • January 6th, National Bean Day
  • January 15th, National Bagel Day
  • January 20th, National Cheese Lover’s Day
  • January 23rd, National Pie Day
  • January 24th, National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
  • January 26th, National Green Juice Day
  • January 27th, National Chocolate Cake Day
  • January 28th, National Blueberry Pancake Day


  • February 3, National Carrot Cake Day
  • February 9th, Pizza Day
  • February 13th, National Tortellini Day
  • February 22nd, National Margarita Day
  • February 23, National Banana Bread Day
  • February 24, National Peanut Butter Day
  • February 25, National Pancake Day


  • March 7th, National Cereal Day
  • March 14th, National Potato Chip Day
  • March 23rd, National Chip and Dip Day
  • March 24th, National Cocktail Day


  • April 4th, National Ramen Noodle Day
  • April 7th, National Burrito Day
  • April 12th, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • April 23rd, National Picnic Day


  • May 5th, Cinco de Mayo
  • May 10th, National Shrimp Day
  • May 11th, Eat What You Want Day
  • May 13th, International Hummus Day
  • May 15th, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • May 15th, National Pizza Party Day
  • May 25th, National Wine Day
  • May 28th, National Hamburger Day


  • June 4th, National Cheese Day
  • June 14th, National Bourbon Day
  • June 17th, National Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • June 21st, National Smoothie Day
  • June 27th, National Pineapple Day


  • July 10th, National Pina Colada Day
  • July 13th, National French Fries Day
  • July 19th, National Ice Cream Day
  • July 24th, National Tequila Day
  • July 31st, National Avocado Day


  • August 3rd, National Watermelon Day
  • August 22nd, World Plant Milk Day
  • August 24th, National Waffle Day
  • August 31st, National Eat Outside Day


  • September 2nd, World Coconut Day
  • September 16th, National Guacamole Day
  • September 26th, National Dumpling Day
  • September 26th, National Pancake Day
  • September 29th, National Coffee Day


  • October 1st, World Vegetarian Day
  • October 4th, National Taco Day
  • October 14th, National Dessert Day
  • October 16th, World Bread Day
  • October 28th, National Chocolate Day


  • November 5th, National Doughnut Day
  • November 6th, National Nachos Day
  • November 12th, National Happy Hour Day
  • November 26th, National Cake Day


  • December 4th, National Cookie Day
  • December 13, National Cocoa Day
  • December 15th, National Cupcake Day
  • December 20th, National Sangria Day
  • December 21st, National Fried Shrimp Day
  • December 24th, National Egg Nog Day
  • December 31st, National Champagne Day

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