Instagram Giveaways: The Secret Weapon of Organic Growth

Create organic engagement with a giveaway on social media.

One of the Best Ways to Gain Real Followers

We all like free stuff—and when we’ve been individually selected out of hundreds of people to get that free stuff? It’s an extra strong hit of dopamine, and that’s what social media is all about.

There’s no doubt you’ve seen Instagram Giveaways before, and you’ve probably entered a few yourself. They’re fun, easy and don’t require much effort to enter, but the rewards they have for the brands that run them are enormous.

A gift basket from your store is a perfect prize.

How Do Giveaways Work?

There are plenty of existing Instagram Giveaway rule templates to choose from, and you can tweak whatever set of rules you’ve chosen to fit your brand.

Typically, you will start with a post announcing the contest and highlighting the prize for the winner. To be entered in the contest, people should “like” the announcement post follow your account, and tag friends in the comments. Set a deadline for when the contest will close (usually about two weeks. This gives you time to repost the contest in your stories and get a maximum return on your effort), sit back and let the entries pour in. Once the deadline has arrived, randomly select a winner and create another post sharing who won!

The purpose for these rules is two-fold. First, you are creating organic engagement on your post. Instagram’s algorithm will move posts receiving a high number of likes and comments—two things the contest is naturally generating—to the top of the Explore tab, location tag and your follower’s feeds. Second, when your current followers tag their friends in the comments, your post and your brand is being exposed to hundreds of new people. This essentially works as their friend personally endorsing your brand to their social circle. Those new people will in turn enter the contest, become followers of your account, and create even more engagement on the post.

One of the best times to plan a giveaway is when you’re closing in on a big milestone for your follower count. For example, you can run a giveaway that will push you over the 10,000 followers threshold and unlock that all-important swipe up feature.

What Kind of Prizes Should I Offer?

Anything related to your brand is a good prize: a gift basket if you own a store, gift cards if you own a restaurant, or signed copies if you are an artist or author. Get creative!

A good range for the cash value of the giveaway prize is anywhere between $25-100. Enough to catch people’s attention, but no need to break the bank or you’re your marketing budget.  

Instead of spending a ton of money on boosted posts on Instagram or Facebook for one month, put part of your budget towards a giveaway prize. (You can also boost your giveaway to reach a larger audience, which will give you double the return!) You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comparative response the allocated money will generate.

Should I Collaborate With Another Account?

Giveaways inspire “Tagging Chains” in the comment sections.

Collaborations with trusted brands are always a good idea. Choosing a similar (but not directly competing) brand is an excellent way to expand your audience to target demographics that are already interested in what your brand offers. For example, you can get the word out about the new vegan menu items at your restaurant by partnering with a local influencer who specializes in vegetarian cooking.

Plus, collaborations will boost the credibility of both brands, as they are the equivalent of direct endorsements. This kind of cross-pollination is fantastic for smaller businesses that are looking to foster a community feel in their local area.

Need Help Planning A Giveaway?

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