3 Marketing Takeaways from Spring 2018

Flagler College Intern Shares Her Experience at Meerkat Media Group

Guest blog written by Spring 2018 Intern Rachel Brandt

This past semester, I have had the amazing opportunity to intern with Meerkat Media Group. Interning with Meerkat Media Group significantly helped me to gain experience in my Strategic Communication major at Flagler College with concentrations in Marketing and Advertising. Throughout this internship, I have learned to apply knowledge learned from the classroom and textbooks while also learning new things every day about what it takes to run a successful marketing agency. Here are a few key marketing takeaways that I learned to be most beneficial when producing content for some of Meerkat Media’s clients.


Research is a vital component when creating content for a varied portfolio of innovative clients. Secondary research was the main tool used in gathering information to produce content. It’s extremely important that the secondary research being gathered is from a credible source. A good way to make sure of this is to check the link and see if it ends in .edu or .org. The research should also reflect the clients brand and audience, which also requires research on the company the content is being published for.


Having a solid game plan before implementation is necessary for a positive outcome. I learned that it’s especially important to always communicate and be on the same level of understanding as to what the goals are. After communicating the goal of the content, I worked on the process of envisioning what the completed project will look like in the end. I then began the process of content creation for the layout for the blog or post, in which secondary research gathered was then utilized to add supporting facts and figures. 


It’s important to evaluate content after its made and posted to ensure your audience is engaged. Any feedback in comments or by word of mouth is helpful, as well as checking stats like how many people shared the post or clicked on the link to become a potential lead or conversion. This is helpful in learning how to improve so that content is both engaging and educational, and optimally is driven toward a sale. 

“This internship was the best experience to receive in preparation for the real world and the field I plan on entering. Kristin Chambers is an inspiration to learn from and I hope to one day be as successful as her in my career. I’m so grateful to have this experience under my belt and I now feel much more prepared going into an entry level marketing job. This is the best opportunity for any student preparing to enter the communication or marketing field.”

– Rachel Brandt, Flagler College Communications Graduate, 2018