TikTok Introduces Branded Mission

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Branded Mission and How it Works

TikTok storytelling allows brands and creators to work together to share engaging content. Creators are able to help brands keep up with evolving trends and stay relatable with entertaining video content, while also working to build communities of trusting followers. To make it easier for brands to work with creators to share relatable content, TikTok is launching Branded Mission, an industry-first ad solution that allows brands to crowdsource content from TikTok creators and turn this content into sponsored ads. Branded Mission’s two-way engagement allows communities to have a say in the ads that are promoted because the best-performing videos are the ones chosen to be turned into paid promotions. 

Advertisers will have the opportunity to select the requirements for their Branded Mission, which may include using a branded hashtag or branded effect to promote their campaign. Creators can accept the Branded Mission by entering video submissions, then brands are able to hand-select the winners based on highest engagement potential. The winning videos are used as in-feed ads, and the chosen creators receive a cash payment.

How Can Advertisers Use Branded Mission? 

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With Branded Mission, advertisers are able to engage the TikTok community to participate in branded campaigns. Brands will release a brief to the creator community, giving them the option to participate in the Branded Mission. Branded Mission also allows TikTok creators to develop relatable brand stories.

Creators can choose which Missions resonate with them and their followers, then brands will choose some of their favorite top-performing videos to promote as an ad.

Brands will also have the opportunity to discover a greater range of creators to work with, making it easier to find influencers who relate to their brand. Any creator who is at least 18 years old and has over 1,000 followers will be eligible to participate in Branded Missions. 

How Creators Benefit from Branded Mission

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TikTok creators are drivers of internet culture and entertainment, and Branded Mission will allow them to be rewarded with payment and boosted traffic for the authentic videos they create. Branded Mission will help smaller creators gain more exposure while also allowing established creators to build their community even further.

On each Branded Mission page, creators will see the brand’s goals and the potential earnings before they choose to participate. Branded Mission is in beta testing, so it is not yet available to all creators. Creators can expect to have access to Branded Mission around late 2022. 

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