Tips for Website Lead Generation

Use These Techniques to Find More Leads From Your Website 

The lead generation process begins when a website visitor clicks a call-to-action button on your website. This allows you to learn more information about the customer in order to contact them in the future. While lead generation is a pretty important part of digital marketing, it can be difficult for marketers to identify leads and encourage your audience to become a loyal member of your community without a solid strategy. There are a few ways you can improve your lead generation strategy to find more, and better, leads, including keyword optimization on your website, tracking analytics to see how your website is performing, and understanding your audience’s needs or desires. From there, you can develop compelling calls to action that will encourage your website visitors to become leads. 

Optimize Your Keywords  

 When it comes to SEO, one of the best ways to make your website more likely to appear in organic searches is to use strong keywords. Make sure your website is optimized for the keywords your audience is searching for by adding keywords into web page titles URLs. Value pieces like blogs are great ways to build SEO on your website and pull your target audience into the purchase funnel. 

Track Your Analytics 

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 Monitor your website analytics each month to see which blogs and pages are performing the best, and which are resulting in a higher “bounce rate” (aka, people leaving the site). There may be opportunities to add more internal links and calls to action to get your audience to convert to a lead. Tools like Google Analytics make it simple to see the breakdown of key performance metrics like conversion rate and bounce rate. 

Understand Your Audience 

 It’s nearly impossible to gather leads without understanding the audience your brand is trying to target. If you can find out information about what your audience wants or needs, you can figure out the most ideal way to turn website visitors into leads. Address your audience’s problem, and then use an enticing offer that will solve their problem, in exchange for their email address. From there, you can automate a white paper or value piece to be delivered to their inbox immediately, and follow up with sales offers after you have built their trust through your expertise. 

Incorporate Calls to Action

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 Include clear calls to action on your website, and don’t make people “work for it” to convert. The more they have to scroll, the less likely they are to convert to a lead. Using words like “Learn More” or “Get Started” clearly and effectively communicate the action you want your website visitors to take. Including call to action buttons on the top or bottom of a web page is beneficial, too, because your audience won’t have to do too much searching to take action. 

Nurture Your Leads With Email

Sometimes a lead might be interested in your company, but they aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. This is where lead nurturing comes in handy, and it can be done through email marketing. A good email sender like Klayvio can collect leads and nurture the sales journey. Meerkat Media Group is a Klayvio Master Partner, and with this email sender you can include a form to collect emails in the footer of your website. Including an incentive to sign-up (such as 10% off for retail e-commerce stores), or a pop-up with a value offer encourages website visitors to leave their contact information. From there, automation flows can be created within the email sender to help build trust with the lead, and convert to a future purchase.

Need Help With Your Lead Generation Technique? 

If you’re looking to begin generating leads, Meerkat Media Group is here to help. Meerkat Media Group is your one stop shop for all things marketing, from lead generation, social media marketing, and daily content creation, to crafting a complete brand marketing strategy. Learn how to take your digital marketing to the next level by contacting us today!