New Video Release – How to Carve a Halloween Pineapple

Creative Ways to Film Holiday Content

Check out our new video for our client, Chestnut Hill Farms! Sustainably grown in Costa Rica, Chestnut Hill Farms produces the sweetest golden pineapple, which is distributed worldwide to popular stores like Aldi, Costco, Walmart, Tesco, Wegman’s, and more. You may also enjoy their fruit in gift items such as edible arrangements, or pre-cut at your local supermarket. 

Meerkat Media produced this video to assist Chestnut Hill in better serving their B2B customers worldwide. By having content to send and share, they were able to provide ideas to their clients to help boost produce sales during one of the best fruit pineapple harvest seasons of the year in 2017 & 2018.

Try it yourself! This year, carve your own Halloween pineapple in 3 steps and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Pineapple corer slicers are the perfect trick (and under $10!) to help you enjoy this treat easily and efficiently. Learn more by following Chestnut Hill Farms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or on their blog, “Lloyd’s Corner.”

Try a pineapple lantern to go with your pumpkins this Halloween! Not only does it add a tropical twist to your decor, you also get to enjoy the sweet healthy taste of a Chestnut Hill Farms pineapple.