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Using the classic E-A-T formula, bloggers know that Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are three of the main factors that drive engaging content that ranks. But you are a busy company owner, juggling 100 tasks a day – not to mention a team and an investor – and you barely have time to eat food, much less care about E-A-T. But Google does, and Google drives business.

That’s where we come in. We now offer a way to easily check your overall website health in one click, for free. Ludicrous, I know. Simply click here and fill out the form below SEO services, and wait for your complimentary report to be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. From there, we can help answer any questions, or jump right in to fixing any SEO errors your site may be experiencing, as well as optimizing for relevant keywords your target audience is typing in on Google – soon to be starring: you.

Looking for monthly ongoing SEO? Google conducts updates monthly, and January 2019’s saw an upshift for sites that have quality backlinks, internal linking and relevant content. Yes, content is king, and to retain royalty quality matters. We can help by creating relevant content developed around targeted keywords to help increase and retain your organic ranking. We’ll monitor your site monthly for issues, broken links and factors involving Google monthly updates, to ensure your site isn’t caught off-guard. We’ll even provide ideas for the best ranking blog post collaborators to guest write for, and increase your professional reputation as well as quality backlinks (sites that point to your site as a subject matter expert). This is a great idea for a solid link building strategy.

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Looking at a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? You are in the right place! SEO is a great starting point, and can be achieved at any point of a brand’s journey. An older website will likely need updates to get to speed with 2019, while a new website requires site indexing and keyword ranking tactics to get you up on search results.

Once you have a solid foundation, we jump into ongoing SEO management through content creation and optimization. (Aka, optimized blogging.) Interested in blogging yourself? Stay tuned for our next blog that will highlight a quick overview on how to use title tags, call to actions and other measurable outcomes to get results through blogs.

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