11 Content Creation AI Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Expanding Creativity: A Deep Dive Into AI

Artificial intelligence always seemed like science-fiction—we imagined scenarios of robots taking over our lives and ending our society as we know it. The truth is, artificial intelligence is already with us, and it’s taking the world by storm in (mainly positive) ways we never even imagined!

In fact, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has become a superpower for many businesses and marketers alike. We’ve seen several platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney rise in popularity, helping students, business owners, and basically, anyone with access to the internet accomplish tasks faster and more creatively.

But did you know there are many more AI content creation tools online that are ready to be discovered? In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about the lesser-known AI platforms that are reshaping and expanding the world of content creation.

Beyond the AI Basics

As a marketer, there may be days when you feel like your copy could use a boost of creativity or your images and video content need a bit more of that wow factor. AI tools are great for those instances where you want to expand beyond your own thoughts and ideas.

To discover what’s out there, here are 11 lesser-known content creation tools that can be useful for your next marketing campaign.

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Shortly AI

ShortlyAI uses GPT-3 technology to create text that sounds human-like. Users can begin by inputting a short description or idea. ShortlyAI will continue to expand on it in your own voice, creating relevant and useful content while making the work sound authentic. It can be useful for creating blog posts, articles, and marketing copy. Compared to ChatGPT, Shortly’s output is capped at 100 words, thus its name!


    Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E is an AI program designed to generate images from text descriptions. It can create images of objects, scenes, and even abstract ideas described in simple words.  Some of the images produced by DALL-E could be used in blogs, for example.


      Artbreeder lets users create and manipulate already existing images using AI. It uses a technique called generative adversarial networks (GANs) to blend and morph the images, creating new and unique ones! As a user, you can explore many different possibilities of content creation by combining several images and changing the style, color, and texture.


        Copy.ai can help create content for marketing campaigns. It can create ad copy, product descriptions, social media posts, and more! Similar to ChatGPT, Copy.ai focuses on creating content mostly for marketing and sales. It works by understanding given prompts and creating text based on the context. ChatGPT focuses more on engaging in back-and-forth conversations with users and providing answers to questions.

          Deep Dream Generator

          Deep Dream Generator: This AI platform was originally created by Google. It uses different networks to create surreal images that seem out of this world. As a user, you can upload a photo and apply different filters and effects to create a whole new piece of, often surreal and dreamlike, artwork.


            Wordtune is an AI writing assistant similar to the classic Hemingway Editor that can help users improve their writing by offering suggestions for rephrasing and reorganizing sentences. It can be especially useful for creating clarity and adjusting the tone and style of your writing, making it a great tool for bloggers and content creators.


            Jukebox is an AI music composition platform from Open AI, the makers of ChatGPT, that can create original music tracks based on several factors the user gives. You can specify the mood, genre, tempo, and any other characteristics you’d want in the music. Jukebox will then create original soundtracks that can be used for different purposes, such as videos or podcasts.


                Pictory creates high-quality videos from a user-written script. The platform also adds realistic AI voices, matching footage, and music. Pictory can also turn long-form videos like Zoom and Teams recordings into short videos perfect for social media. Pictory also automatically adds captions to your videos to generate a longer view time.


                  A highly controversial AI software among independent authors, Sudowrite markets itself as the ultimate AI writing partner. Their story engine feature walks users through the entire writing process–from idea to outline to finished product. Authors are reporting they can finish first drafts of novels and screenplays in less than one week.


                    DeepBeat is an AI lyric generator that can create original rap lyrics based on information given by the user. You can input a topic, theme, or set of keywords, and DeepBeat will create a rap song with rhyming verses and lines.


                      Since the dawn of the Internet, people have used the technology to connect over long distances. In 2006, Google introduced Google Translate to bridge the gap online between speakers of different languages. SmartCat is the next step in translation and can translate entire documents, websites, videos and even invoices. 

                        The Rest is Up To You!

                        While every business follows its own type of marketing and business strategies, these AI platforms are great tools that can help during the creation of your next project.

                        While some AI tools may seem intimidating at first, don’t be scared to dive in and follow some trial runs. Getting your feet wet will be the first step in knowing what could become your biggest asset!

                        Looking To Add a Human Touch To AI?

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