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We’re here to help you navigate the waters of non-profit marketing. Our comprehensive suite of services includes digital advertising, social media management, strategic campaign planning, targeted email marketing, SEO optimization, reputation management, and PR. We understand grant requirements, especially our proficiency in Google for Non-Profits and maximizing Google Ads grant funding.

Social Media Management

To reach your brand’s potential, it is an absolute must to stand out on social media. We take care of everything from initial account set-up to content creation and posting, analytics and advertising campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Drive conversions through effective digital advertising. We design campaigns for measurable actions through social media advertising like Facebook ads. Receive white-glove search that includes custom campaign strategies.


Modern search engine optimization is vital for being discovered on the web - organically. From site indexing to ensuring that the backend of your website is optimized with targeted keywords, we ensure that you rank on page one.

Email Marketing

We build your lead list using inbound marketing techniques that generate results. No buying and selling of emails, only real people that truly like your product and want to learn more.

Public Relations

With a background in journalism, we have handled press coverage from major international conferences to talented musical artists. We love to make news happen!

Content Creation

Through the medium of film, video, photography, and writing, we craft immersive experiences that evoke powerful emotions, leaving a lasting impact.

Founded in the wake of a heartbreaking loss, Victoria's Voice Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by David and Jackie Siegel after the tragic passing of their daughter, Victoria, due to a drug overdose at just 18 years old. The foundation is dedicated to saving lives by advocating for policy changes, amplifying drug and prevention education, and promoting crucial resources and organizations with a shared commitment to addressing drug abuse. Our agency plays an essential role in assisting Victoria's Voice Foundation in sharing its mission with the digital world by managing its social media accounts, assisting with ad creation and tracking, and providing strategic guidance in launching campaigns, such as its Naloxone Awareness campaign, Get. Give. Save.

We have worked with Teal Diva on multiple film projects. They are a non-profit organization founded in Charlotte, North Carolina and focus on the mental and emotional health of those affected by a gynecologic cancer. Our first film project with them was short documentary that was distributed to hospital patients to give them hope and inspire them to keep fighting. The film received an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Los Angeles DIY Film Festival. Since then, we also created a short film promoting their survivor retreats held annually each year.

The Limelight Theatre is a St. Augustine-based nonprofit organization that puts on nine main stage shows a year in addition to adult and children’s acting classes and specialty shows. In order to utilize grant money that could only be used on out-of-county advertising, we created and managed separate campaigns for advertising in county and out-of-county targeting. The in-county campaign brought in a total of 34 purchases in a month and a half time span for a total return on ad spend of 29x their spending.


Non-Profit Marketing With Heart

We’ll collaborate closely with your internal communication team to ensure that every message resonates deeply with your audience and satisfies key stakeholders, like board members. We’re not just going to reach your audience – we’re going to help inspire and grow your community.

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