Digital Advertising for Limelight Theatre


The Limelight Theatre is a St. Augustine-based nonprofit organization that puts on nine main stage shows a year in addition to adult and children’s acting classes and specialty shows. Their shows are high-quality and set them apart from their competitors with their attention to detail and talented actors, but they needed a way to expand awareness of their location to the local community and those in neighboring counties. They additionally were approved for grant-funding, which we effectively helped them navigate to within advertising guidelines. 


Working with a limited budget, we set up Facebook ads to promote their current show. In order to utilize grant money that could only be used on out-of-county advertising, we created and managed separate campaigns for advertising in county and out-of-county targeting.

We additionally ran other out-of-county advertising solutions, such as regional NPR ads, postcard mailers, and ads in select art publications.


The in-county campaign brought in a total of 34 purchases in a month and a half time span for a total return on ad spend of 29.42. The out-of-county campaign brought in a total of 16 purchases within the time span for a total return on ad spend of 5.19.

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