Video and Photography for Llama Restaurant


Located in St. Augustine, Florida, Llama Restaurant faced the challenge of visually capturing the awe-inspiring ambiance and experience they offered to diners. Communicating their passion and unique story through visuals was crucial, and the visuals had to match the exceptional quality of the restaurant to effectively entice potential customers.


To overcome the challenge of visually capturing the remarkable atmosphere and experience of Llama Restaurant, our agency devised a two-fold solution. Firstly, we produced a captivating documentary-style internet commercial to eloquently show Chef Marcel’s passionate journey and story. This short documentary helps viewers connect emotionally with the brand, immediately leaving them hungry for more and no choice but to book a reservation.

Secondly, we organized an artistic photoshoot, meticulously capturing every detail of the restaurant’s delectable dishes. Although traditionally Peruvian food is not focused on aesthetics, Chef Marcel brought something completely new to the table, conjuring recipes from a country that holds 90 different micro-climates. Through our collaboration we conveyed Llama Restaurant’s essence, allowing potential customers to experience its artistry and encouraging them to embark on a new culinary adventure at Llama.


Overall, this campaign was a huge success, racking up two Addy Awards and over 80,000 organic views of their film in just the first week when it was shared on Facebook.

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